The North Florida Birth Alliance upholds healthy birth practices to improve the outcomes for mothers and babies by providing funding for access to education, information and services.

Options for midwifery models of care, birth and postpartum doula services, lactation support and childbirth education are some of the ways families choose to empower themselves in birth.

The Birth Equity Fund enables birthing families to receive support from birth professionals on a low to no cost basis.

With doula support the risks for cesarean birth is lowered by 39% which also lowers the risks of related complications that threaten the lives of many women. (Bohren, M.A., et al. 2017)

Saving lives and reducing the maternal and infant mortality rates in communities hit hardest by disparities can be achieved through access to services maintained by this funding.

Just as important, NFBA values maternal mental health and understands that how a woman feels about the birth experience is part of a healthy outcome as well as the mother’s well being in postpartum.

Through The Birth Equity Fund, NFBA supports the rights of birthing people to birth with dignity, remembering that birth still matters.

If you would like to receive services please fill out the application below.